Alternative to CPAP

CPAP VS. Oral Appliance Therapy

Let’s have a face-off between two sleep apnea treatment champions: the oral appliance and the CPAP machine! Both are powerful contenders, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. 


CPAP Pros/Cons

Pros :


Oral Appliance Pros/Cons

Pros :


So, there you have it, a showdown between the oral appliance and the CPAP machine. The winner depends on your personal preferences, the severity of your sleep apnea, and how well each option fits into your lifestyle. Call us today and schedule a consultation to determine if oral appliance therapy is right for you!


CPAP not working?

CPAP isn’t working properly?

You aren’t by yourself. Approximately 83 percent of CPAP users stop using it or are inconsistent with their use. Patients who cannot tolerate CPAP do not use it.

This is known as CPAP intolerance or CPAP failure.

Issues beyond your control are frequently the cause of CPAP failure:

Do you dislike flying with CPAP?

Additional Stress

Travel, whether for pleasure or for business, may be stressful. Traveling with a CPAP machine adds to the hassle. Come and talk with us at our office at Sleep Advantage WAlocated Arlington, WA so we can discuss the alternative to CPAP.

Traveling with a CPAP can be difficult due to the added weight of the machine and the difficulty passing through security checkpoints.

Additional Challenges

You’ll also need distilled or deionized water for your humidifier once you get at your location.

Then cross your fingers that an electrical outlet is close by. You’ll also need the appropriate adaptor if traveling internationally.

Additional Failure

When traveling in adverse weather or to isolated locations, electricity reliability might be a challenge. In these situations, you must decide whether to take a backup battery or not.

This also leads to a higher rate of failure or non-compliance.

Oral Appliances are portable.

See How Simple It Is!

It’s an easy process. Each oral appliance is custom made to fit you perfectly and comfortably. Come in for a consultation first, and we’ll figure out if this is the best option for you. If it is we’ll,

First, we’ll work with your insurer for any coverage you may have.

Second, your new oral appliance will be custom made and fitted.

Finally, you’ll sleep easy with no mask, no hose, just sleep!